10 reasons why I love Nerja 10 reasons Nerja is one of the best destinations on the Costa del Sol

10 reasons why I love Nerja

I love Nerja. Brother John on Burriana Beach
I love Nerja. Brother John on Burriana Beach July 2017 sunning it up.

People who write Blogs are quite often struck with writers block. Even the great Oscar Wilde was smitten with this writers curse. “I spent the morning putting in a full stop” wrote Wilde “And the whole afternoon taking it out again!”

According to my old friend Wikipedia:

Writer’s block is a condition, primarily associated with writing, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work, or experiences a creative slowdown. The condition ranges in difficulty from coming up with original ideas to being unable to produce a work for years.

Its not nice when you have to produce original work on an almost hourly basis. The Internet search engines love new and original content, they hate copy and paste articles.

If, like me, you decide you want to spend your life working on the Internet, then get yourself a “writers Block un-blocker”

I get around this affliction by regressing to my experiences both real and imagined. One of my favourite places anywhere in the world in Nerja on the Costa del Sol, Spain.

Nerja Villas For Rent

When I started working for the Nerja Villas Self Catering Holiday Villas company  called Nerjavillasforrent.com it was as if I was writing my diary.

I have spent so many happy times in Nerja, before coming to live in Spain and since moving to Spain.

Nerja has changed in the last 20 odd years, of course it has but it still retains that charm that first attracted me to the place in 1995. There are many reasons why I love staying in Nerja but here are just ten of them.

  1. The Balcon de Europa. The Balcony of Europe, so-called because it is an autcrop of rock that has been made into a walkway, complete with restaurants, bars, and ice cream sellers. The views are fantastic.
  2. Burriana Beach. Situated to the east of the Balcon de Europa, Burriana Beach has everything to hand. Bars, restaurants, cafe’s, chiringuitos (beach restaurant) services, parking, para-gliding, speedboats and silly Banana floats. Excellent day out for the family.
  3. Ayo’s Paella. Ayo’s Paella is world famous and has been featured on many TV travel programmes. Watch as the paella is made and then eat your fill.
  4. Nerja Tourist Train. This tourist bus-cum-train will take you all around Nerja. For a small price you get a fantastic ride around this beautiful town. Well worth the trip.
  5. Taps Bars. There are some excellent tapas bars in Nerja, some are modern and others are more traditional. Enjoy a glass of wine and a tap as you watch the sun sink into the Med.
  6. Flamenco shows. My favourite place for the flamenco show is El Burro Blanco (the white Donkey) you can enjoy a great meal while you sit and watch some beautiful ladies dancing and listen to the guitarist and singers.
  7. Nerja church. The Church of El Salvador (the savior) is a beautiful old chrch situated in the plaza Balcon de Europa. Be sure to take your camera. Also, it is right next to a great modern tapas bar and just around the corner from the Nerja tourist train.
  8. Indian Restaurant. Taste of India is my favourite Indian restaurant in Nerja. The food and service is faultless and the pickle tray is to die for. There are more than just this one Indian restaurant in Nerja, try them all, I did. There are also many other restaurants, Italian, Greek, English, fish restaurants and more.
  9. Walking around Nerja. It is such a lovely town and there are so many beaches, Nerja is a great place for a nice slow walk, stopping now and again for a glass of wine and a tapa.
  10. Shopping in Nerja. If you like to shop-til-u-drop then Nerja is the place for you. There are plenty of shops and places to shop that it will take you the whole holiday to get it all done.

If you fancy a great self catering villa holiday in Nerja, then get yourself a nice villa from my friends at Nerja Villas For Rent. If you enjoy Nerja only half as much as I do, you’ll have a fantastic holiday.

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