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If you were to ask a layman “what is the difference between construction and build?” would you get the correct answer?

More to the point; do you think they would care as long as they got their building or design projects completed on time and in budget? No! I don’t suppose they would.

The Difference between Construction and Build

In case any of these laymen are prowling around this blog, I think I will be pedantic. Where better to rip the answer from than a working mom who posted the answer on Quora;

Building is a term that has to be understood based on the context. It could be used to signify an actual structure or any type of coming together of various parts.

Construction is more specific as in the activities that take a design from a drawing or plan to reality.

Generally in the civil engineering world building is used to describe a physical structure as in a school building. Construction is used to refer to the contractor’s work that creates the physical structure.

There you have it, that is a great explanation. Thanks to Tan Pan.

Building, Construction; What’s the pitch here?

Well, there are building companies, they advertise themselves as “builders” and there are construction companies. Strangely enough, they advertise themselves as builders as well.

Quite often, here in Spain, especially if you take on a country property in Andalucia, you’ll need both. These old Cortijos and Fincas quite often need structural work doing.

Architects, builders, plumbers, draughtsman, labourers and project managers, they all play a part in property re-design, renovation or a complete new build.

The last thing anyone needs is to go and outsource each and every element of the project.

That is where Pulse Design and Build of Marbella come into play. Pulse Design and Build are the complete package, from start to finish, from labourer to architect. Build or Construction, interior design or exterior design, commercial or residential projects. The lot.

If you are considering undertaking building or construction work, or, work on any type of building or structure, please contact Pulse.

Save yourself time and hassle. Pulse staff are ready to hear from you, there’s no cost, advice is free and no obligation.


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