Best Hotels Havana Cuba Which are the best hotels in Havana, Cuba to stay in?

Best Hotels Havana Cuba – Different Country, Same Old Hubs

Hotels Cuba. Best hotels in Havana Cuba

I know I do bang on about it but I do hate hub websites. It matters not where in the world you are searching, they are everywhere, like dung in a field.

Search using any engine you like and you will get the same old answers. “Best Hotels Cuba” is the search term and what do you get?. Trivago,,, TripAdvisor and all the other suspects.

Best Hotels in Havana Cuba – Do the little ones stand a chance?

Cuba has a lot of catching up to do, with the rest of the internet marketing community. OK, the US embargo has held the country back, along with a strict communist / Socialist government. Strict rules and regulations along with bans on private property and businesses has been hellish for entrepreneurs.

Stifled businesses are now seeing some daylight as the ruling junta under Raul Castro allows businesses to flourish. The warming of relations between the US and Cuba under Obama also helped. Trump however, is ranting on about going back to stricter dealings with the Cubans. This won’t help.

With that little lot in and, its no wonder the Cubans are a bit behind on the business marketing and advertising front.

So, what happens now?

So, how do the little guys or gal fair in the online marketing community? If they get somebody on their side, they will learn quickly. Maybe if they can afford to, they will have somebody trained up to become the sales and marketing manager. I suspect though, that like other small businesses, they will have to suck it up.

That is where people like us come to the for; we can help small hotels in Cuba compete with these bloated hub websites. Help in Spain can quite easily become “Help in Cuba”.

Hotels in Cuba are essential for bringing in the foreign currency, they are the first port of call for the dollar wielding tourists. Bars, restaurants, shops and attractions soon follow on behind as the free spending tourists enjoy Cuba.

Havana is the main attraction and Havana hotels are much sought after. However; type in “Havana Hotels” or “Hotels Havana” and, hey presto! you get pages of hub websites. “Top 5 Havana Hotels” “top 15 Hotels in Havana” even “30 best hotels in Havana Cuba”.

You get anything except a bona fide website for any hotel in Havana. Whats wrong with that?

Hotels in Havana – Find one.

if I’m looking to go to Cuba on vacation, I need a flight and, unless I know exactly who I’m going with, I’m stuck with a whole bunch of hub sites, such as Sky Scanner, Lowfares etc.

So, once I’ve sorted that out, the last thing I want is to trawl through another pile of hub websites to find myself a hotel in Cuba.

Is it just me? Do you enjoy trawling through endless pages of information? Why won’t Google put an extra tag on the top of the page that says “Hubs” and stick them all in one place. That way, those of you who enjoy endless pages of information can go there. This would leave the SERP’s to the websites of the hotels, that would be much more interesting.

So, it would also be fairer to the multitude of small businesses who cannot afford to pay the fees or omissions to the hubs.

I might email Google and suggest just that. After all, they have separate pages for images, videos and so on, why not hubs?

Meantime, any amigos in Cuba who own hotels, villas, guesthouses etc and need help in marketing their Cuban business, you know where to find us (not on a bloody hub, that’s for sure!)

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