Autumn Malaga Spain Malaga is a beautiful part of Andalucia all year round but Autumn is wonderful

Autumn in Malaga area of Andalucia Spain

Autumn Malaga Spain
Holes being dug for the planting of more olive trees – I’m sure we have a few million already but I’m sure we need some more!

Its autumn time in the Malaga province of Andalucia, Spain. Indeed as it is everywhere else. It is a great time for holidays to Spain and the Costa del Sol gets pretty busy.

I live in a country house about 4km from the village of Villanueva del Trabuco, a pueblo blanco or “white village“. The town relies heavily of farming; mainly olives and goats with some cereal and pulses thrown in.

The seasons are vivid in the countryside and you notice the changing of the seasons more than you would in the town or cities. Starting from autumn; the fields are plowed up and left for a few weeks, this is large lumps of the dark brown Andalucian soil.

The soil is then broken down by another machine ready for the abono or fertiliser to be applied and later the seeds.

Come January, the first shoots of the new crop will appear and gradually the fields turn dark green over the next months. You know then we are leaving winter behind and heading towards Springtime.

Malaga Andalucia Spain green fields

Springtime sees the whole campo or countryside burst into life with fantastic flowers and wildlife and it is a joy to behold. The butterflies are everywhere and in a hundred different colours.

Malaga Andalucia Spain

Soon the wheat fields will turn from green to yellow and then golden and be filled with millions of blood red poppies. Summer has arrived. The crops are taken in and the goats and horses are left to chew the straw left behind by the tractors and to fertilise the ground with fresh dung.

Straw fields in Malaga Andalucia Spain in the summer of 2017

At the end of August and beginning of September it ploughing time again. Like I said, its very vivid, the changes in season.

This year we have had a series of heat waves which has caused concern, after all, crops need rain and there has been very little this year.

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