Apartments For Rent Nerja Youtube Videos Holiday Apartments for rent in Nerja on the Costa del Sol, Spain

Apartments For Rent Nerja Youtube Videos

Today I sat down and made 3 more Youtube Videos for Nerja Villas For Rent. I enjoy making these videos, its not hard and they can be very effective.

If you have never made a video, you should try to do so. Videos are quite often highly ranked on Google. Youtube is the second biggest search engine, Google owns it.

Nerja Villas For Rent Youtube videos
Get yourself a good logo for your videos

How to make a Youtube Video

  1. Collect a dozen or more good photographs in a file. Call the file whatever you like.
  2. If you don’t have Windows Movie Maker or something similar, get it.
  3. Upload all of your photographs (Add Videos and photos is marked top right of home panel) You can then dictate how long each frame will last. I go for 5 to 7 seconds per frame. This gives you a video of just over a minute. You can go for longer but its better shorter.
  4. Add your company logo to the front and back end of the video. These are great places to add phone numbers. If you would rather add a title on a plain background, click the title tag.
  5. So nobody can rip off your videos, from the “caption” tag, click on the video after the logo or title frame and add your website address or the name of the apartment, location or whatever. I use ┬áreference numbers and addresses.
  6. Add music or other sounds, again, there is an icon to help you. Volume, fade in, fade out and more can be done. Try and make it as interesting as possible.
  7. Once you have this done, you can do things such as adjusting volumes, inserting animations. Animations covers all sorts of great effects but don’t go over the top. Youtube also provides you with royalty free music to use on your video.
  8. Once you have done this, click “save movie” and ┬ásave the video to “this computer”. Give the file a good keyword rich name (nerja-villas-rent-spain for example). There are icons that let you load up directly to Youtube but I find there is less hassle doing it via “this computer”
  9. Log into your Youtube account and click the “upload” symbol and your almost there. Whilst the video is uploading, you can go the video panel and add a title, description and some links. Also, this is a great place for your contact information. You can also monitise the videos, add location, translations and more.
  10. That is it! You have a video that hopefully will attract some attention, if you get it right, you can get a huge amount of visitors.

I made 3 videos today I also submit by hand, to the Internet search engines and post them onto social media websites.

Please, have a go, its not hard and you’ll get hours of pleasure from this.


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