Help in Spain Free Classified Adverts

Help in Spain Classified adverts are free. Post in any section that is relevant and as often as you like. Please do not Spam these adverts as I will remove any offender.

These adverts will be optimised by us to help them gain high rankings on the Internet search engines.

How to Add an Advert

  1. Add your contact details, such as name, email address and telephone number.
  2. Item information: Choose a title that best describes what you are selling, offering etc. (House for Sale Nerja, for example) the better the title, the better chance you will have on the search engines. Select a category from the drop down field. From the gallery upload some photographs and then add a block of text to the description field. Make sure to put keywords or phrases in (House for sale Nerja, Property in Nerja etc) link to any website you have or where your product or service can be seen. This is done by highlighting a word or phrase and click on the link symbol on the top row, add your link address and click the blue arrow.
  3. Ad price and location.
  4. Preview the advert
  5. Publish your advert.

If you need help, you can send me the advert and I'll add it for you.

Please keep checking back on your advert, this helps it on the Internet search engines.

Good luck!



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