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Internet Marketing is as complicated as you want to make it. Acronyms by the score SEO, SEM, CTR and so on. It means nothing if your website is not found on the search engines.

At Help in Spain we keep things simple; content is king as far as the search engines are concerned and so, that's what we produce. Content.

Blogs, Articles, Social Media, Videos, Adverts, links and much more. Everything is produced with your site and the Internet in mind.

We don't use any automated methods, nothing "black hat" nothing from syndicates, just good, original content and plenty of it.

How we go about things at help in Spain

We contact potential clients by searching the Internet and finding websites that look great but don't get found. We contact the business and describe our services and, hopefully, we are accepted, even in the short term.

Our first task is to inspect the website to see if it is set up for the search engines. Things such as Meta Tags, Alt Tags, Robots, Content and other parameters that affect a page ranking.

We put these right.

Our next task is to produce as much original content and add it to Blogs, Adverts, Videos, Social Media outlets, Articles and more. This we submit by hand to the Internet search consoles.

We monitor the site and the content we have produced.

We send you a report on progress at the end of every month along with links to content we have worked on so you can see for yourself.

That, as they say is "it!"

Nothing fancy, nothing high brow or complicated, just simple actions that are needed to get your site and your message out to the clients.

Time is the issue, some businesses do not have enough time to complete these tasks or have the staff to do it. We have both.

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